18 – 23 September 2023 Athens, Greece

ESMAC Charity Run

Friday, 22 September 2023


07:00 – 08:00

Zappeion Megaron

Tickets at 25 EUR

Starting in front of the Zappeion Megaron (hall built in the 1880s for the first modern Olympic games) we will run to the Panathenaic Stadium- Kallimarmaro (where the first modern Olympic games in 1896 began and also where the Athenian Authentic Marathon finishes), continuing pass the Greek Parliament with the “Walkers” (the guardians of the Syntagma) and the Syntagma square to the Temple of Olympian Zeus on (a vast temple from 6th century B.C. built on the site of an ancient outdoor sanctuary dedicated to Zeus). All in one lap. We will do this twice and will finish again in Zappeion.

This year the ESMAC Board and the ESMAC 2023 Local Organisers in Athens agreed that we will donate the income of the Charity Run to the ELEPAP family of Brave Children. We are pleased that we can direct our targeted help through our ESMAC network where it is needed.

Put on your running shoes! Join the ELEPAP Team and raise money to help our family of Brave Children. ELEPAP’s mission is to provide lifelong support to all children with disabilities regardless of financial, social, or religious background.

By participating in the Charity Run you become part of our Financial Adoption Program. As a participant your role will be vital in contributing to the support network we provide through our programmes for our Brave Children. The goal of the Charity Run is to raise funds that will secure at least 260 therapeutic sessions for our children. With your help we are confident that we can surpass that goal and achieve an even higher number!

Always remember that with every step you take in this run, you help our children with disabilities make their own ‘Life Steps’. It’s time to lace up and get ready to run!

Please sign up for the Charity Run. Not only running but walking and joining us or even not turning up is permitted!

Register within the ESMAC 2023 online registration or at the onsite registration desk. Thank you.

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