18 – 23 September 2023 Athens, Greece

ELEPAP Symposium

Kindly supported by:

“Innovating trends in Paediatric Rehabilitation”

Wednesday 20 September at 09:00 – 12:00

The ELEPAP Symposium will be held in the Royal Olympic Hotel (the ESMAC 2023 conference venue).

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It would be a great honor to invite you to ELEPAP Symposium.

This event will try to present both the clinical and academic work of ELEPAP health professionals. Innovative approaches are well blended together with the standard therapeutical protocols. It will give us a great joy to invite you all to participate in a fruitful discussion with our Team.  

Sincerely yours,



Chair Dr. Helen Skouteli and  Co-chair Dr. Dimitris Pasparakis

Physical Therapy Department

  1. Innovative Elepap Therapeutic Programs

 Stavropoulou Evgenia M.Sc, PT

  1. The Effect of Sideways Walking Treadmill Training on Gross Motor Function in Children with Hemiplegia

Eleftheria Ziavrou, PT, Helen Chotzidou, PT, Helen Roukou, PT, Stavropoulou Evgenia, MSc. P.T,

  1. Adaptive Biking For Children with Cerebral Palsy

Apostolopoulos Panagiotis PT, Argyris Georgios PT, Sismanidis Georgios PT

Stavropoulou Eugenia PT, MSc

  1. Go Baby Go: Powered Mobility Program for infants

Gkaraveli M, MSc,cand.PHD, P.T, Poulopoulou E, P.T, Sismanidis G,P.T Apostolopoulou I, O.T, Stavropoulou E, MSc, P.T

  1. Underwater Music and Therapeutic Swimming

(Liquid Vibrations)

Paula Nomikou MT, Konstantinos Lyris PT, Stavropoulou Eugenia, MSc, P.T

Break 15 minutes.

Occupational Therapy Department

  1. Using Assistive Technology to promote play opportunities for children with disabilities

Kekelou Argyro, cand.MSc, OT, Mahieu Ria, OT, Apostolopoulou Ιoanna, OT., Thitsi Th. O.T   

Speech & Language Therapy Department 

  1. Functional Communication through Assistive Technology

Ersi Germani MSc, PhD, SPL, Ria Mahieu O.T,  Dιmopoulos N.,MSc, SPL

Gait & Motion Analysis Center

  1. Cerebral Palsy Orthopedic Approach Update

Dimitris Pasparakis, Georgios Gkrimas, Magda Tziomaki, Maria Gkaraveli, Elias Gklezakos

Please register for the ELEPAP Symposium within the ESMAC 2023 online registration. Attendance registration fee 60 EUR.

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