18 – 23 September 2023 Athens, Greece


Vicon Industry Presentation – Thursday 13:00 – 13:20 (Olympia Hall)

Come by our Symposium to hear more from Our Senior Life Science Product Manager, Dr. Kim Duffy.
Kim will be Introducing Vicon’s powerful new life sciences reporting tool, Nexus Insight. Built based on dialogue with our community, Nexus Insight simplifies reporting, saves time, and gives you control of your data, all within Vicon’s best-in-class motion capture ecosystem.

Motek User’s Group Meeting – Thursday 18:40 – 19:40 (Attica Hall)

The registration of the User Group meeting available here.

Motek invites all CAREN, GRAIL and RYSEN users and interests, partners, and key opinion leaders to join us at our user group meeting for an informal and open exchange, and networking with drinks and snacks.


Moveshelf Industry Presentation – Friday 10:20 – 10:25 (Olympia Hall)

Moveshelf – The Information System for Clinical Movement Analysis

Speaker: Johannes Gijsbers, VP of Product, Moveshelf

Moveshelf is the information system for clinical movement analysis.

With Moveshelf, all the information a clinical team needs from the motion lab is securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere. You can get measurements from wherever your patients are, create concise and relevant interactive reports, and access all clinical movement analysis results from wherever you work. Moveshelf integrates with hardware from all leading manufacturers and with modern hospital IT. Our information system is secure, certified, reliable, and fully supported.

About Moveshelf

Moveshelf was founded to develop software that accelerates our understanding of human motion. Our customers now include leading EU and US healthcare organizations specialized in clinical movement analysis and treatment of movement disorders.

Visit moveshelf.com to learn more.

Contemplas Industry Presentation – Friday 12:15 – 12:20 (Olympia Hall)

Device and AI driven Automation in Human Motion Capture:

Objective and Reliable Data Acquisition in Gait Analysis

Speaker: Franca Blanz, blanz@contemplas.com 

How far can the process of Clinical Gait Analysis be taken over by intelligently combining measurement systems and implementing state-of-the-art algorithms?

By automating Gait Analysis, not only efficiency is increased but also the accuracy and objectivity of the results are improved. AI driven technologies eliminate human errors and subjective interpretations, leading to higher quality analysis. Experience how analysis processes can be streamlined and accelerated by automated technologies such as force platforms, pressure measurement devices or Optogait etc. embedded into intuitive workflows.   

Take 5 minutes to join our session or meet us in person at the exhibition and discover the future of Gait Analysis with largely automated technology.  

Movella Industry Presentation – Friday 12:20 – 12:25 (Olympia Hall)

Beyond Laboratory Limits: Unleashing Motion Capture Technology

Speaker: Dr. Ben van Oeveren, ben.vanoeveren@movella.com

Together with partners, Movella is on a quest to unleash a paradigm shift to take motion capture and gait analytics beyond the restrictive boundaries of lab environment conditions. Our established motion capture technology provides a pivotal tool in various industries including animation, sports analysis, and biomechanics research. The future of biomechanical research is not in the lab, but in the field were movement strategies and tissue load deviate from controlled settings. 

This presentation will explore the necessity and fusion of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions required to provide solutions for challenging outdoor or uncontrolled indoor settings. With integrations of electromyography (EMG), force measurements, local positioning systems, and by intricate muscular modeling we empower researchers and practitioners to gain deeper insights into gait abnormalities, rehabilitation progress, and performance optimization. With solutions for sparse to single sensor setups we further eliminate methodological limitations and support novel insights into human behavior, strategies, and risks in real-world scenarios.   

We would like to inspire you and serve your ambition. Please feel welcome to visit our presentation and booth.

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